Phyllis DeMarco's Blog

WELCOME to my blog!

I’m so excited! I waited a long time to do this and now that I'm retired, I can finally concentrate on my writing, and I think blogging is going to suit me very well.

I have often been referred to as “Dr. Phyl” for both psychological advice and, how scary is this, medical advice. So right here, right now, I state my disclaimer that I do not profess to be a professional doctor and/or therapist in any sense of the words and/or professions, and anything I write here should not be interpreted as me telling or advising anyone about anything in any way. Whew!

Now that we got that out of the way, please enjoy reading my blogs regardless of the emotions they may evoke and please participate so I know we connect. Since I’m a major overthinker, hang on for the ride. A former therapist once validated my special crazy by stating rhetorically, “It isn’t easy being you, is it?” It never has been.