AI - Yay or Nay

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more prominent in our everyday lives, and I’ve watched a few documentaries about its continued growth. Obviously, a lot of good can come from AI, such as medical advances, ease and higher performance of certain occupations/jobs, solving complex problems, and just generally making our lives a bit easier.

But I think it’s also obvious that some bad can come from AI, such as increased unemployment. Although advocates say AI-related jobs will be created, it does not appear feasible there will be as many new jobs as those lost and/or people qualified to do them. Other major and very scary fears are nuclear weapon control, security risks, and further loss of privacy. The privacy aspect makes me laugh because I’m wondering how much more privacy I can lose, hence the pop-ups on my computer screen after a telephone conversation I thought was only between myself and the person on the other end of the call.

There’s also a lack of empathy and humanity associated with AI, but if you think about it, why is that necessary unless we plan to replace civilization as we know it. And then you realize that could very well be a goal of some insane, evil people in this world. In a society where we are currently struggling for truth, freedom, and safety, in the wrong hands, AI can be utilized unethically and even with laws in place, I’m not sure that can ever be controlled.

Me, Myself, and I (if you read one of my earlier blogs, you will understand this) have used AI in the setup of this very blog platform. It made setting up my complete website tremendously easier than when I set one up 15 years ago. It even wrote content and added pictures for me, but in the true spirit of an honest writer, I deleted its content and substituted my own, basically just keeping the basic structure and developing upon that. There are many writing publications I submit to who now specify no AI submissions will be accepted. Ironically, they must run an AI application to determine if someone breaks that rule.

I was out to dinner last night and along came a robotic server, delivering dishes to the tables for which it was programmed. It had a digital smiley face on the front and although it was fascinating, futuristic, and very cool, it was also an “Oh my God” moment. But it also dawned on me in that instant that perhaps I can have an AI boyfriend who I can program to be everything I need. It won’t be the first time I have had a relationship lacking empathy and compassion. It would be an AI narcissist, lol. But just think of the programming possibilities, if you catch my drift.

Please share your thoughts and, as always, thanks for reading!