Airport Part 2 - No Crying This Time

Just returned from visiting my son and I’m happy to say there was no crying this time. I didn’t even cry when we hugged goodbye – close, but I hung in there.

This time, I’m actually writing about the 1970 movie, “Airport.”

First off, Holy S**t, this movie is 54 years old! I was only 4 when it came out 🤣! Yeah, anyway, we have certainly come a long way since then in terms of security and inappropriate workplace behavior (at least I hope so).

First off, the movie is star studded with movie stars mainly from my parents’ generation. Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster, George Kennedy, Jacqueline Bisset, Helen Hayes, Maureen Stapleton, and more. Some people right now are going, huh? Who are they?

When the movie starts, it is clear how much adultery is going on between pilots and flight attendants (known as stewardesses back then; I believe it changed to flight attendants at the end of the 1970’s). Also, between ground employees such as airport administrators. It seems as if most people were unhappily married in this movie except for one pilot who made a promise when he married his former stewardess wife to be loyal since she was well aware of these shenanigans, lol.

There was an older lady who they thought was about 70 and referred to her as an old lady throughout the movie which was very depressing who was a stowaway and had done it many times. One of her tricks was to watch people board, then pick a single, young man to use as her target. A few minutes after he boarded, she would go up to the boarding area when it was busy and say her son, who just boarded had accidentally left his wallet with her and they would allow her to go on the plane and give it to him since she looked so sweet and innocent. Many reasons that wouldn’t work today, one of them being that most 70-year-olds today do not look old, sweet or innocent.

Then, there was the guy who brought on explosives. Yep, in a briefcase. A customs official passed him in the airport and after looking him in the eye, felt the man appeared suspicious. He did nothing at the time, but it bothered the officer so much that after the plane was already in the air, he followed through. Day late, buddy, but good instincts. 💥

And then there was the cockpit. The stewardesses would bang on the door and enter to frequently speak with the pilots. They even brought back the SWEET, OLD 70-year-old to meet the pilots because they were entertained by her ingenuity.

Aye, aye, aye!

My own experience flying was different this time around. They made it easier, probably having more sophisticated equipment now. I still took my shoes off, but you don’t have to take out anything from your carry-ons anymore so you’re not hustling to scoop up 100 items after your belongings scan through. That being said, I saw two passengers enter the open cockpit prior to takeoff on my return flight, who were escorted off the aircraft thereafter.

And one last thing – I don’t understand the safety in being able to purchase the TSA precheck. I believe you renew it every five! years, which is a long time in my opinion. You could have joined an evil cult, formed a personal vendetta, or just gone plain mad. Where’s the protection then? I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I see that they check back 7 years when you apply and even with certain past criminal histories, you can still qualify. So, the government makes $78/person and we’re all supposed to feel safe from these TSA prechecks. Don’t get me wrong. I might end up doing it myself if my traveling increases, but it’s all kind of hoaxy to me.

Anyway, we’ve come a long way, baby, and I find watching these older, disaster-type movies very entertaining.