I have always been a huge fan of rhyming poetry, probably since I discovered the talents of Dr. Seuss. That being said, it appears there are very few people who think rhyming poetry is cool or intellectual. But, since this is my blog, I can do whatever I want and I'm posting a poem I wrote back in 2003, 20 years ago! Well a lot of changes have taken place in these past 20 years, although maybe not my maturity level, lol. I hope you enjoy this and I know a lot of people will relate.

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When I looked in the mirror, I saw all these changes.

Wrinkles abundant, all sizes and ranges.

I reached for my face cream and silently prayed.

Then I searched through my hair for more traces of gray.

Lo and behold, they were standing haywire.

I yanked them so hard, my scalp was on fire.

So there I was standing, all covered with cream,

Holding strands of my hair when I started to scream.

My family came running to see why I yelled.

Their mouths fell wide open at the sight they beheld.

It was only a moment till my husband knew why

I was standing there shaking, beginning to cry.

He made me feel better, holding me tight.

He allayed all my fears and banished my fright.

He said, “Don’t you worry, it’s great growing old.”

Given the alternative, I was easily sold.

So I walk through my house without even a glance.

I will not give those mirrors a damn second chance.