Got Your Back

Been feeling pensive lately and giving a lot of thought about my propensity for being an empath.

Is it because getting involved in other people’s problems helps me not focus on my own?

Is it because hearing other people’s problems makes me feel less alone in my own?

Is it because I know what it’s like to feel scared and vulnerable, and have a true desire to help others as they experience these feelings?

Is it because it allows me to connect with people on a deeper emotional level, which is far more fulfilling to me than maintaining superficial relationships?

Is it because I have a naturally curious mind and I’m forever learning from people’s behavior and reactions, including my own?

Or is it because I’m completely fascinated and in awe at the resilience of human beings when faced with adversity, at the bravery found in the darkest of moments, the strength people discover when they thought they had none?

We all know by now that life can be filled with joy and, at times, a good deal of pain. Very few people glide through life unscathed by a pitfall here and there, although why some are destined for more difficulties than others will remain a mystery to me. The one thing I do know is that human connection is major to attaining recovery and, hopefully, happiness. Without it, we remain empty and unfulfilled.

I got your back,

Lady Empathy

(Yes, I recently binged Bridgerton. 😂)