Making a List and Checking it Twice

I started a new book to take to the pool the other day and found a sticky note inside. It was a To Do list by the previous owner. I am a serious list writer, so I was instantly intrigued, although I felt a bit uncomfortable peering into someone’s personal attempts at gaining control of, I’m going to say “her” life since the book is chick lit.

But I overcame that quickly and laughed as I read the list because aren’t we all trying to grab hold of our lives and banish all the things we think we do wrong so we can look and feel better and get rid of that pesky guilt?

Things to Start Monday!

· Waking up early, at 8:00 every day.

· Exercising every day.

· Eating healthy. 1200 cal/day MAX!

· Changing fish water every other day.

· Taking care of my face, religiously.

· Tanning by the pool multiple x a week.

· Writing a book.”

Needless to say, I especially got a chuckle over “Writing a book,” lol.

How many other list writers are out there? Email me a comment or maybe even your list. 😊

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