Retirement 101 - First Entry Ever

1/5/22 – Today is my first day of retirement after working 48 years. The thing is, I don’t feel much older than when I started at 18. I tried to slip out of work unnoticed yesterday, but that didn’t quite happen. I am touched by how many people care about me, but truthfully, I’m not surprised. I have done for my coworkers what I have done for just about everyone throughout my life, even as a child - made them laugh, listened to their problems, and gave them suggestions for resolution. I would have made a great therapist, which was at one time, what I wanted to be. Instead, I have provided a lifetime of free therapy until in some cases, the lifeblood was sucked right out of me.

Today just feels like a vacation day or a Saturday. I sort of have a plan of what to do today, but I will need to get better at planning and structuring. I can easily fall into a depression being alone so I must stay focused. I wish I could be more excited, but I’m actually quite nervous. I’ll be back later.

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