Retirement 101 - Intro

I never kept a journal in my life. I felt if I was going to take the time to write anything, with free time being a major commodity, I would concentrate on writing stories or articles that could hopefully be published and possibly earn me money. But as I got close to retirement, I realized I would have nothing but time on my hands and it would be interesting to see my progression throughout the first year of this major change in my life. So, I created my Retirement Journal and will be posting excerpts on occasion which I hope you will enjoy and benefit from. I do a good job capturing the minutiae of retired life, at least mine, and strive every day to make it more rewarding and appreciate the freedom of doing what I want, even if that means nothing at all without feeling guilty.

PS - I bought a beautiful journal to handwrite my thoughts and that lasted ONE day. My hand was killing me because it couldn't keep up with my brain.

PPS - I retired in January 2022 and by the end of that year, I was more than ready to stop journaling.

PPPS - I will be blogging about a wide variety of topics, not just regarding retirement.

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