Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and it’s not just because my birthday is shortly thereafter and I’m the only one who gets gifts (haha). I love it for the very reason that it is not a gift-giving holiday, and you get to enjoy a good meal with family and friends without the pressure of having to think about who needs or wants what, how much money I should spend, if they’ll like my gift, etc.

My Thanksgiving is very conventional. We never had macaroni and cheese nor mashed potatoes in my childhood home. We had turkey, a sweet potato casserole loaded with butter, dark brown sugar, and marshmallows (my mom added apple slices that I leave out), regular stuffing with just some sauteed onions, corn (I think), and that jellied cranberry sauce out of the upside-down can. I pretty much keep it the same, adding some sauteed brussels sprouts, stuffed mushrooms, and rolls. I’ve morphed to the cranberry sauce that has whole cranberries in it now, but I’m the only one who eats it anyway, so that’s why I don’t make it fresh.

I remember when I was younger going to my former husband’s family for Thanksgiving and the turkey came out after the pasta and meatballs which left 0 room to fit my favorite holiday’s fixings. It was just too much to eat and for me, it took away from properly savoring the meaningful and delicious food associated with this holiday.

Now here’s the kicker. According to Smithsonian Magazine online (, it is thought that the colonists and American Indians cooked goose or duck, or maybe even deer, and that in some locations, eel and shellfish were consumed (lobster, clams and mussels). They did eat pumpkins and squashes, so we got that right, lol.

In any event, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving, embrace those around you, enjoy your food, and love and live in the moment. 🦃