The Value of True Friends

Over the past two weeks in particular, I have been fortunate to experience the true beauty of having female friends who value and appreciate me and I consider myself very lucky. The past six months have been emotionally difficult for me and connecting with these women has been heartwarming. I don’t do as well when I’m in large groups because it’s hard to share and be intimate with your feelings. But these smaller get-togethers have been very special to me.

One event was with two women I have known for about 18 years and it was so comfortable and safe and fun. Almost felt like a sleepover, lol. The other event was with two women I have known for about 15 years and it feels good to say I have friends I have known this long who show true concern and compassion. And we all do for each other; it’s not all about me (although it should be LOL). It feels good to laugh and maybe even cry with these ladies knowing they understand and truly care.

When you find friends who are vested in you and vice versa, it’s a gift. There’s no jealousy or competition. It’s just sharing life and as I get older, I find there’s a lot to share. Aging isn’t easy and to be able to laugh about the challenges and know you’re not alone is priceless.

I’m feeling very sentimental this holiday season, and I’m very grateful for my beautiful friends.